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Average salaries and work in Brazil.

Average salaries and work in Brazil.
In recent decades, Brazil is experiencing a real migration boom. Thousands of migrants from all over the world, including Russia, attract not only the country's identity, its warm climate and luxurious nature, but also the economic potential of this largest state of Latin America. Of course, the most pressing issue for those planning to move to Brazil is the possibility of finding employment in this country. About what level of life in the country, what vacancies are in demand, what average salary in Brazil and we will talk in this article.
How to find a job in Brazil.
Due to the large flow of migrants to the country, the Brazilian government was forced to tighten migration requirements. Therefore, now it is quite difficult to get a working visa to Brazil.
As a rule, a work visa to Brazil is issued for work only in the company for which it was received. Therefore, the search for work in Brazil should begin with the search for a company that will be ready to hire a foreign specialist. It is clear that the Brazilian company should be very interested in such an employee, because the recruitment of specialists from other countries is associated with bureaucratic red tape.
What kind of specialists can be in demand in Brazil.
Engineers are in demand in all sectors, from construction to agriculture, but in particular those specializing in the oil sector. Doctors (but only for those regions of the country where Brazilian specialists refuse to work, as a rule, these are small provincial cities or rural areas). Programmers. Scientists. Highly skilled labor.
Foreign specialists can not work in the public sector (you need to have Brazilian citizenship for this), and do not expect to receive a work visa for low-skilled labor.
It is worth noting that for work and residence in Brazil, it is desirable to know the state Portuguese language.
Remuneration of labor in Brazil.
The average salary in Brazil in 2018 is approximately 3,000 Brazilian real or about 1000 US dollars and yet does not match the level of wages in the US and Europe. However, doctors, IT specialists, employees of the banking sector and representatives of some other specialties can earn much more.
Wages will also depend on the level of education, position occupied, work experience, and the region of the country where the specialist is in demand.
The level of the minimum wage for some sources is on the average 600-700 Brazilian reais, which, depending on fluctuations in the exchange rate, is equivalent to about 200 US dollars. As a rule, low-skilled personnel receive such a salary.
And also it should be noted that in the same positions, the average man in this state earns more than a woman.
The standard of living and prices in the country.
Brazil is considered the most developed by economic indicators of the country in the region. Accordingly, the level of prices in the country is on average higher than in other Latin American countries. First of all, this is reflected in the prices for real estate. However, it is not necessary to buy housing, as in Brazil, especially in large cities, the housing rental market is well developed.
On average, rental and purchase prices in this country are comparable to those in Russia. So, the cost of renting a one-room apartment in the capital can range from $ 600 in a sleeping area to $ 800- $ 900 in the center. However, unlike the standard Russian one-room apartment, a studio apartment in Brazil implies, in addition to the bedroom, the presence of a living room.
Prices for locally produced products in Brazil can not but rejoice. So, all year round you can buy cheap fresh vegetables and fruits. Local clothes and shoes are not only excellent quality, but also low price. But for imported goods, which have no analogues in the country, it is necessary to pay much more expensive.
It should be borne in mind that foreign citizens residing in this state, as well as citizens of the country, are subjects of taxation.
Foreigners who are tax residents of the country must pay taxes both from their local and foreign revenues provided they are not stipulated by the agreement on avoidance of double taxation between Brazil and the state of which the person is a national. The tax return is filed annually in April.
Foreign citizens who are not tax residents are obliged to pay tax only from their Brazilian income of 25%, and in case of unearned income - 15%. In this case, the annual tax return is not filed.

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