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Australia or New Zealand.

Australia or New Zealand.
Australia is the new zealand.
In the section of permanent residence, Real estate to question Australia or New Zealand? What to choose as a country for permanent residence? given by the author Ekaterina Razumova the best answer is Immigration to Australia:
Apply immediately to both countries, which the country agrees to accept you, and go there.
No one but you can solve this problem. because you must live!
In order not to offend not one of these countries, choose the New Earth, although it is not very easy to get there either.
Australia is more livable, and New Zealand is for a calm and measured life. In general, very much depends on the city, in which you plan to move. Somewhat easier in New Zealand, the conditions in both countries are good. Before you decide, best.
You will choose when each of these countries will give you an immigrant visa. In the meantime, about permanent residence in countries where not everyone can go, even as a tourist, you can only dream.
there is no fundamental difference.
but in the NC often earthquakes occur.
In Australia, it is better and easier (although it is better in N.Zelandia, but it is more difficult to have another western country there), there are many immigration programs.
yes what to do there, the wilderness and the sheep, just kind of good, my acquaintances immigrated to Australia fled wherever, there's nothing to do, and a new zealand in general for a life with big money-work there in the afternoon with fire can not be found.
I do not think that you have such an alternative ..or .. or. Since recently the authorities have made every effort to limit the influx of immigrants. Life is fabulous. The work is full (I do not know about N. Zealand), Works are all highly paid. Work can be n.

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