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As in the USSR, cars, television sets, underwear and mayonnaise were advertised.

As in the USSR, cars, television sets, underwear and mayonnaise were advertised.
In the USSR, there was no sex, but there was advertising. Sometimes with a very sexual overtones. Especially for you, we collected a huge selection of advertisements from the Soviet Union. After all, there were times when the "penny" was advertised as an exclusive, and even photographed with giraffes, "Volga" was a dream of all citizens, and sausages - a delicacy.
In the USSR, the car was a luxury, not just a vehicle. It received as a gift the most important for the country people. To buy a "penny" from the official representative, people waited for five years, and the car was sold 2-3 times more expensive.
But cars produced, and they had to be sold, so advertisers tried to attract the attention of the elite to new models.
Most often, advertising posters with cars appeared in the currency "Beryozka", hotels such as "Intourist" and foreign trade offices.
The reason is banal - the production of the Soviet car industry was intended mainly for the foreign market, and for visiting compatriots.
"Volga" was the blue dream of every man and many women in the Soviet Union.
They tried to sell it abroad, but the car became popular only in the socialist countries.
Outside, magazines wrote good reviews, but in European reality there was no place for such a big car: the amount for taxes and insurance did not match the quality of the car. Nevertheless, the Russians persistently advertised the legendary car.
Cars that were available to Soviet citizens were also advertised, including for Western countries.
In the 1970s and 1980s, mopeds began to gain popularity in the Soviet Union, and they were advertised too frankly.
In the USSR, technology was expensive. Black and white TVs began to appear in every house only in the 70s.
Washing machines, telephones and radios - even later. But advertising only spurred people to spend their savings not on vacation, but on the miracle of technology.
Unfortunately, the presence of advertising did not always mean the availability of the product: for example, sausages in the USSR were a treat, not a cheap meal, as it is now.
Despite the almost complete lack of competition, advertisers without it were not interested, so on many posters it is written that it is necessary to buy only from this manufacturer.
Again, there is no alternative, and companies are trying to create the appearance of competition, although in some cases it was still.
For example, planes fought trains for customers. The savings bank had to convince to bring money to the bank, and not to keep it under the pillow.

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