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Aruba – One Happy Island 222/11532.

Aruba - One Happy Island 222/11532.
Discussion of conditions and assistance in acquiring real estate with foreign Russian-speaking realtors.
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Good day to everyone! As promised, I tell you in detail about Aruba.
Like Aruba, the southernmost of the Lesser Antilles, it is close to Venezuela.
The island is small, the pearl of the Caribbean Sea has about 200 km. sq., the length reaches 30 km, and the width is only 8 km.
The divi-div tree is one of the symbols of Aruba. It grows, bending under the influence of winds.
The island has a rich history, this is evidenced by rock carvings of ancient Indians and sunken ships, beckoning with their riddles divers from all over the world.
Next, I'll talk about what you can do on the island, about the level of medicine, education, shopping opportunities (here are sold very cheap Colombian diamonds and topaz), the nearest events, and much more.
If you have questions, I will also gladly answer.
I thought you about the girl))
Why did you give me away, I'm all signs. hints.
The first one is more green. In Aruba, vegetation is poorer.
But still beautiful.
However, both islands have a problem that they are processing oil there. Especially this problem is strongly felt in Curacao, as the giant enterprise is next to Willemstad. In Aruba, like on the outskirts of the island. But still unpleasant.
So what? Strongly interfere?
Well, I would not send my wife there alone because of drunken oilmen on long business trips, which can stagger around the island and who knows what will come to their minds))
In 1985, the refinery was closed. During a difficult crisis for the island, it was decided to develop tourism in Aruba. Now the island of Aruba is rightfully considered one of the most beautiful in the world, annually it is visited by hundreds of tourists. This information from the Internet.
And gold mining on it was and fought for this island several countries at different times, but he went to the Netherlands.
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