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Application for immigration to Canada.

Application for immigration to Canada.
November 27, 2016 Catherine Veil, Minister of Immigration of Quebec, announced the plan for immigration of Quebec for 2017-2018.
Quebec plans to attract more than 51,000 independent immigrants: in 2017, the quota of 28,700 people, in 2018 - 31,300 people.
In 2019, the quota will increase to 52,500 people. Minister Vail assumes that 85% of the newcomers selected by the skilled worker program will be fluent in French before arriving in Quebec.
According to the requirements of the Immigration Law of January 1, 2015, in order to begin the process of immigration under the Express Entry program, it is necessary to fill out an electronic immigration questionnaire to Canada on the website of the Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration of Canada. To fill in these questionnaires it is necessary to have an assessment (evaluation) of the diplomas made in Canada and the result of a language test in English or French - IELTS or TEF. Without the information taken from these documents, immigration questionnaires to Canada will not be activated, i. E. you can not pass the electronic registration. And this is the first step in the way of the immigration process.
Since January 2016, there have been cardinal changes in the conditions of filing documents for the Immigration Program of Quebec.
Until January 2016, anyone wishing to immigrate to Quebec could prepare a package of documents in paper form and mail it to the Ministry of Immigration of Quebec. Since 2016 such a pitch is impossible. According to the new requirements of the Immigration Law in Quebec, the candidate must pass an electronic registration on the website of the Ministry of Immigration of Quebec and fill out the electronic forms in French. And he must do this only in accordance with the deadlines set by the Ministry of Immigration.
What basic and additional data are needed to fill out a questionnaire for immigration to Canada.
In addition to information on the assessment of diplomas and the passing of language tests from you and your spouse, many other data will be required for the application for immigration to Canada. This is information about all members of your family, information about the education of both spouses, information about the work for the past 10 years, confirmed by official documents, your contact information and much more. The questionnaire for immigration to Canada is quite extensive and must be filled in completely without any omissions. Otherwise they will not be accepted for consideration. The information should be entered correctly in the questionnaire. You should know that at a certain stage of the process you will be asked to confirm all the information in the application form documented.
Correct completion of the application form for immigration to Canada.
Immigration to Canada is not a lottery, but a legislative process based on clear criteria for selecting candidates. First of all, these criteria need to be known. Therefore, it is important to correctly assess your immigration data, fulfill all the necessary requirements of the Law (to make a diploma, to pass a language test, etc.) Obtain clear legislative information about the requirements of the Immigration Law and only then begin filling out application forms for immigration to Canada. Coping with this independently is difficult, for various reasons. Entrust this complex process to professionals who know all the legal subtleties and criteria of the immigration process. The correct filling of the questionnaire for immigration to Canada is the first step to success in the immigration process.

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