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And again about the tour in Paris: the city of dreams and romance.

And again about the tour in Paris: the city of dreams and romance.
It's hard to find a man who would not like to see with his own eyes Paris. There is a mystery in this: there are many beautiful and interesting cities in the world, but none has such a magnetic attraction as the capital of France.
Fortunately, in our time the dream of Paris has become quite feasible. You can fly here from Russia, but you can, for example, make a tour in Paris from Germany. Main & ndash; to see all the fun with my own eyes.
Features of excursions to Paris.
A tour is mandatory for any tour. It will give the first impression of the city as a whole, its architecture, appearance. By the way, the architecture is here.
very peculiar. The whole center is built up with almost identical houses of light yellow color, built in the second half of the 19th century. At home.
decorated with graceful wrought-iron balconies, where you can see only flowers, and not drying clothes and all junk. It would seem, monotonous, but in fact it gives the city integrity and recognizability.
All excursions to Paris in Russian are conducted by highly educated guides, which are worth listening to & ndash; you can learn a lot of interesting things. The program, of course, includes visiting the main attractions.
For example, to be in Paris and not to visit the Louvre & ndash; even somehow strange. To visit this grand museum is better with a guide, as it is very difficult to find your own way. Of course, at one time there is little to see and feel, but to approach Venus Milo or the same Monet Lisa stands.
Stand, forget about the crowd around & ndash; perhaps, then it will be possible to approach the mystery of the great art.
One can not do without, of course, a photo on the background of the Eiffel Tower. Once it was considered an ugly monster, and now this lace structure has become known throughout the world as the emblem of Paris. Climbing the tower, you can see a unique panorama, from which breathtaking. It makes sense to look at the Eiffel.
a tower late at night when it lights up & ndash; this is a very impressive sight.
Even if you are thinking about a short excursion to Paris from Germany, you need to plan your free time just to wander around the city. It's surprisingly interesting & ndash; observe a completely different life. Montmartre, the Seine embankments, the Latin Quarter are ideal places to visit,
If you came with children, then for them, of course, an unforgettable experience will be a trip to Disneyland. to wander slowly, to sit in small cafes, to buy souvenirs in numerous picturesque shops.
After traveling to Paris, you will surely feel that you want to return there. Such is the city, attracting to itself inexplicable image of the most different people. You can find a list of questions about excursions in Europe in the info menu.
Share information.
During the trip, the Russian-speaking guide will tell you the details of each place you visit, will give an opportunity to be photographed near these cultural places. You can visit the fairy-tale palace of Versailles, the historic Louvre, see the world-famous Champs Elysees and many other places. At night you will be accommodated in comfortable hotels, and in the morning you will be waiting for a bus for further travel around the city of Europe. In addition to the standard attractions that are included in each tour of Paris, you will be given time to visit attractions to your liking. You can walk along the banks of the River Seine, visit cozy cafes in the city and other interesting places for you. Upon completion of the trip, you will be taken to the departure point.
You can go to Paris twice a week from such cities in Germany as Dusseldorf, Dortmund, Cologne, Bonn, Essen, Aachen, Monchengladbach at a price of 69 Euro. Tours to Paris from other German cities like Hamburg, Bremen, Kassel, Bielefeld, Osnabruck, Paderborn, Munster, Siegen, Koblenz, Limburg, Frankfurt, Darmstadt, Manheim, Karlrue, Stuttgart, Ulm, Augsburg, Munich, Nuremberg, Wurzburg, Regensburg, and Ingolstadt have flexible co-payment systems.
Of course, such a trip will give a lot of emotions and will please not only adults but also children. A diverse but attractive Paris will find interesting entertainments for everyone who visits this city. You will certainly remain pleased with the trip to France and remember it forever!
Excursion tours around Europe will allow you to enjoy the romantic and cultural places of your favorite countries.
Transfers, meetings.
We will provide the full range of services for guests of international exhibitions in Hanover, our specialists will be happy to give you a free consultation and help arrange a trip to Germany.
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By bus to Ukraine, Russia, Byelorussia and Baltic states from Germany. Information on how to book a bus ticket.
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Visa & ndash; It is a document without which it is impossible to visit some countries. Our portal will help you to issue a visa to Russia or another CIS country in a short time.

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