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An electronic pass to enter the ATU zone and leave it will be valid for a year.

An electronic pass to enter the ATU zone and leave it will be valid for a year.
07/7/2015 7:15 136845.
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& la FACTS & raquo; talk about how to file applications for such permits.
The system of passes in the ATU zone for more than six months is a headache for Ukrainian citizens. Entered into force in January of this year to control the movement of residents from the occupied territories and to prevent the penetration of terrorist and subversive groups deep into Ukraine, it quickly turned into a bureaucratic machine, lavishly entangled with a network of bribes and bribes. Suffer at the same time ordinary citizens who desperately need to leave the ATU zone or get into it: to sick relatives, funerals and so on. From time to time, the authorities are trying to improve the procedure for issuing documents, but this process is progressing with a creak. Since Tuesday, all checkpoints in the ATU area have been transferred to an electronic system for issuing permits. This change was planned for March 25, but due to technical problems, everything was not put into operation. The main purpose of the innovation, in addition to eliminating queues and speeding up the process of registration, & mdash; to reduce to zero the direct contact of a person with a representative of the state who can be bribed.
"The fundamentally new is that now there will be no contact of the citizen with the serviceman & raquo;
& laquo; The huge problem we face, & mdash; this is the direct contact of an official or military man with a citizen, which creates conditions for corruption. If there is a possibility of corruption, they will arise. We are creating huge queues, we not only control the pass, but also create problems for law-abiding citizens. And it's bad, & mdash; said at a briefing Deputy Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council Alexander Litvinenko. & mdash; What is fundamentally new is that now there will be no contact of the citizen with the serviceman. If a person has access to the Internet and has minimal skills, he can fill in the relevant documents on the site in electronic form & raquo ;.
For today there are four options for granting an application for a pass:
1) sending data to e-mail;
2) sending documents by regular mail;
For these two options, all address data are posted on the SBU website.
3) leaving the documents in special boxes, which will be placed at the zero mark of the checkpoint. This feature is introduced specifically for people who do not have access to the Internet. The contents of the containers will be checked four times a day, every three hours;
4) registration of a pass through the Internet.
A person who attempts to cross the contact line in the ATO area without an appropriate pass can get into the red lists & raquo; and will be detained.
We already told the readers about the first two ways of applying. The third one does not need special explanations. On the fourth we will dwell in more detail.
To minimize the process of communication with officials, and, accordingly, the likelihood of bribery, the SBU earned a site, which hosts the Register of Permits for the movement of persons in the area of the ATU. To use its services, you need to follow several steps. To begin with, a person registers on the site and receives an individual login and password for access. He becomes available to fill in the form, in which he chooses a coordination point through which he plans to cross the line of demarcation. There are only five:
Coordination Center in Kramatorsk, Donetsk region; Coordination group of the Starobelsky district police department in Lugansk region; Coordinating group of the Velikonavoselkovsky district police department in the Donetsk region; Coordination group of Mariupol district police department of Donetsk region; Coordination group Artemovskogo goroddela head of the police of Donetsk region.
After that, the person wishing to obtain a pass fills in the fields: indicates the name, date of birth, passport data, place of residence and registration. It is also necessary to attach an electronic version of your photo and fill in the field "The purpose and the route of the movement of persons in the area of the ATO" ravo ". After completing the questionnaire, a message must be sent to the post office to begin processing the documents. All questionnaires will be checked at the siloviki bases for the subject of "committing criminal offenses, participation in bandit formations or co-operation with separatists & raquo ;. The decision to issue a pass must be made within ten days.
The reason for refusing a pass may be a person's inability to confirm the purpose of staying on the territory controlled by Ukraine.
As reported by "FACTS" & raquo; in the SBU Anti-Terrorist Center, applications are processed online, so citizens can independently check the progress of their processing. After obtaining permission, you can cross checkpoints of entry / exit, providing only an identity document (domestic, foreign, business or diplomatic passport, as well as a seafarer's certificate). For authorization in the permit register, citizens need to enter a login and password indicating one of the above-mentioned focal points. However, at the time of writing the site worked with interruptions. In the press center of the SBU, this was explained by a large influx of volunteers.
That is, now the citizen is obliged to provide the inspector with only his passport or the document replacing him, and already the serviceman at the checkpoint will check on the base whether the person can cross the line of demarcation. If the information on criminal activity is confirmed, such person will be arrested at the crossing of roadblocks & raquo; , & mdash; said Alexander Turchinov.
But if the permission to cross the border of the ATU is obtained, it will be valid for a year, said the head of the press service of the Security Service, Yelena Gitlyanskaya.
It is worth recalling that the SBU has expanded the list of reasons why a person who wishes to cross this border may refuse to obtain a pass. "Anxiety causes such a reason for the refusal, as a person's inability to confirm the purpose of his entry into the territory controlled by Ukraine, & mdash; tells & bdquo; FACTAM & ldquo; head of the NGO & bdquo; Luhansk Fellowship & ldquo; and a member of the working group under the Security Service for the renovation of the order of passage to the ATU zone Vadim Goran. & mdash; The controversy of this point is that the agency itself does not propose the methods for collecting and providing the SBU with such evidence. And according to what criteria the reality of the intentions of the potential migrant will be evaluated, leave the ATO zone & mdash; for today no one knows & raquo ;.
According to Goran, very often refugees leave the war zone forever, with the hope of finding a new future in peaceful territories. And how can they prove on the road that their lives are in danger? All this can lead to the appearance of new reasons for refusal to leave the ATU zone. "Against the backdrop of general social resonance with the corruption trail, which arose because of problems with passes at the border of the ATU zone, the SBU should not abuse this reason for the refusal. Otherwise, the migrants will again feel unjust restrictions on themselves, which can not be allowed & raquo; , & mdash; said the activist.
Donbass-SOS NGO, providing assistance to refugees from the east of Ukraine, having tested the site, made a number of recommendations to facilitate the use of the new resource:
form should be filled in Ukrainian and avoid writing words in capital letters; login and password is better to enter manually, when copying text from a letter the system can not recognize them; check the accuracy of the information you have entered and their full compliance as indicated in the passport. If you selected an incorrect scan or photo & mdash; it is not deleted; pay special attention to the reasons for crossing the ATU zone. "I want to go home & raquo ;, & to visit the girl & raquo ;, & laquo; See how there is in Donbass & raquo; & mdash; unfortunately, is not considered a weighty argument. The most important reasons are: living in uncontrolled territory, visiting relatives on the first line (parents & mdash; children), need for departure for treatment, death or illness of close relatives and visiting burial places. We know from experience that the reason for the trouble-free approach is "I own real estate, I want to check its condition & raquo ;; the shorter and more accurately you formulate the reason, the greater the chances of obtaining a badge. Every word you need to be documented; from one account you can file five applications for different persons, that is, you do not have to make a separate registration for your grandmother or mother, you can use your own.
One "humanitarian" & raquo; such a region is not provided.
Recall, at the end of June, a new temporary order of control over the movement of persons, vehicles and cargoes along the contact line within the Donetsk and Lugansk regions came into effect. One of the innovations was the complete refusal to issue paper passes. Despite the visible changes for the better, the document was attended by a number of items that raised even more questions.
For example, an ambiguous reaction was caused by a ban on crossing the line of demarcation for buses. True, carriers have already found a way out of this situation. The bus reaches the line of demarcation and disembarks passengers. In the Ukrainian territory they are waiting for the bus of the same flight and is driving further to the destination. This scheme forces citizens to walk several kilometers to the next roadblock. Naturally, for pensioners and disabled people this creates considerable difficulties. Thus, movement in the ATU area remains the prerogative of healthy and hardy people.
The residents of the occupied regions did not enjoy the joy and a complete ban on the transportation of food and medicines to the territory controlled by the militants (with the exception of humanitarian supplies). Now these goods were equated to weapons and drugs. Naturally, one & laquo; humanitarian aid & raquo; you will not provide such a region, and the Donbas has more felt the consequences of the blockade. Do not hope that hunger and disease will affect militants. They have already established supplies for a long time both from Russia and from territories controlled by Ukraine. According to the leader of the all-Ukrainian public association & laquo; People's trust & raquo; Sergei Shakhov, food smuggling in the Donbass is 2.5 billion dollars a year. Recently, fighters with the smugglers were thrown by fighters of the 79th airmobile brigade, who raided a number of settlements in the ATU zone. & laquo; Warehouses have been found, parking lots have been found. Stunning schemes: mom and dad live in Donetsk, and her daughter with her husband & mdash; in the Volnovaha. And organize an uninterrupted caravan of wagons, & mdash; writes on his page in & bdquo; Facebook & ldquo; Advisor to the President of Ukraine Yuri Biryukov. & mdash; Further, there were continuous attempts to & bdquo; negotiate & ldquo ;. It's so easy & mdash; offer a bribe to the battalion commander who lives in a one-room service apartment with his wife and child, & mdash; they used to, it always worked. Rates were growing, smuggling prices were rising, nerves were heating up. Suggest & bdquo; let's decide on the site & ldquo ;, & bdquo; hey, look at what kind of jeep we have & ldquo ;, & bdquo; yes you're & mdash; not people, maybe. & ldquo; And the commander simply explained: to take money from those who carry loads to that area, & mdash; it's just to betray all our dead & raquo ;.
Smuggling flows rarely reach ordinary citizens. Therefore, the Ukrainian authorities decided to make concessions. The head of the Donetsk regional military-civil administration Pavel Zhebrivsky proposed to establish special "bazaars" at checkpoints of entry-exit in the area of the line of demarcation, where residents from "that side" & raquo; will be able to purchase products and medicines. & laquo; I met with the prime minister and the president. A permit has been obtained for the construction of logistics centers on the CPVB. Then anyone can go and buy food and medicine there, & mdash; said the governor of the Donetsk region Pavel Zhebrivsky at a briefing in Kramatorsk. & mdash; Now the appropriate methodology is being developed, and in one or two weeks the logistics centers will start working "raquo".
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