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American husband.

American husband.
The parrot says to the parrot: "I, you, parrot, parrot."
The parrot answers it - Parrot, parrot, parrot.
Try to translate it into English. Now tell what happened to your American husband. I do not think that he will accurately and adequately appreciate the cheerful play of Russian words. The language barrier is a serious reason for not understanding each other. Imagine that you are trying to speak with a person in a language you do not know. Let's say he asks you the way to the store. It seems to be an easy question, but, please, try to explain. Here at least you can somehow explain yourself. And even then not always.
Now imagine that a little child is trying to talk to you. You, understanding his limited command of the language, specially adjusting to the child, exclude from his vocabulary the entire complex part of it, leave the simplest words and expressions. Moreover, you, on top of everything, simplify definitions and concepts. Now you are ready with the child to communicate and understand each other.
Vyacheslav Alekseev (USA) Psychologist and psychoanalyst.
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