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Advocate for permanent residence in Germany.

Advocate for permanent residence in Germany.
Permanent residence permit for permanent residence in Germany.
Germany is benevolent.
Permanent residence permit in Germany is a full-fledged permit to settle in Germany indefinitely. Permanent residence is divided into two types. The first is Niederlassungserlaubnis (it is allowed to settle there), and the second is Erlaubnis zum DaueraufenthaltEG (this species is allowed to live permanently in the European Union). If you receive a permanent residence permit, your residence is unlimited, without a validity period. All questions and premises that can arise in the process can be studied in the law of stay (Aufenthaltsgesetz).
Who is ready to become a citizen?
Who can apply for a permanent residence permit?
A foreigner can raise this issue if:
- For five years he had a temporary residence permit. But only in the event that this period was not interrupted. If a person leaves Germany for a certain time, it will be deducted.
- A citizen can fully provide for himself.
- For five years, contributions were made on pension insurance (voluntary or mandatory). Or there is evidence that there is a possible security from whatever other insurance institution, or social security.
- If a temporary resident is deprived of liberty for a period of six months. The same applies to pecuniary penalties. These terms expire only after the completion of the sentence.
- A citizen is given permission to conduct personal work, if he is employed or has a different work permit.
- The foreigner must have a knowledge base of the German language, legal system of settlement, social system, as well as basic knowledge of the individual characteristics of living in Germany.
- A person has at his disposal a living space, which is enough for him and his family members.
Heirs by right.
Citizenship can be transferred from one of the ancestors to the applicant by inheritance. Confirmation of this moment is mandatory and is conducted on three points:
1. Archives of the list card (Volkslistenausweis) should contain data on the presence of a citizen.
2. Foreigners or their relatives were included in a kind of "List of the German people" (Deutsche Volksliste), which was established by the German Administration even during the war. In those years, collective naturalization was carried out, thanks to which certain persons that were included in this list were already full citizens of Germany, and had the right to permanent residence.
3. The same preconditions were fulfilled for the belonging of German belonging to such persons: selflessly giving themselves up to be torn apart in the struggle for the interests of Germany. Such people, in the majority, lived in the nearest countryside and served for the state a strong support for many years.
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