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Advertising Jobs in Europe: how to leave to live and work in another country.

Advertising Jobs in Europe: how to leave to live and work in another country. tried to understand that the European labor market can offer Ukrainian earnings, and also found out how to leave to live and work in another country.
The unstable economic situation in our country forces Ukrainians to seek work abroad. Despite the fact that the wages of labor migrants are much lower than those of local workers, and the working and living conditions sometimes leave much to be desired, for many zarobitschans this is almost the only opportunity to provide for themselves and their families. But does the purpose justify the purpose? tried to figure out what the European labor market can offer Ukrainians, and also found out how to leave to live and work in another country.
The easiest and most effective way to emigrate & ndash; get a job directly from the employer. However, only the employees of intellectual work can afford to do without the services of an intermediary. The rating of vacancies in this direction is headed by IT specialists, marketers, advertisers, business analysts, qualified builders and engineers.
Low-skilled workers (representatives of the service sector) can also count on official employment, but in this case, it is impossible to do without the help of an intermediary company. And the specifics of work and income are significantly different from representatives of intellectual professions.
According to the results of the survey of the personnel portal, approximately 70% of Ukrainian IT-shnikov consider the possibility of emigrating for permanent residence abroad. The reason for this is & ndash; high salaries and new opportunities for professional growth. Judge for yourself, the average salary of a software developer in the US in 2014 approached $ 100,000 per year. In Ukraine, this amount is $ 30,000 - $ 40,000 per year. But there is a nuance: foreign taxes are significantly different from the Ukrainian ones. For example, deductions to the US budget can reach 40%, in Europe & ndash; 20-30% - depending on the country. But even with such enslaving "bribes" the developers remain in the black.
In Europe, programmers are paid much more modestly & mdash; $ 55,329 per year. But salaries grow more dynamically & mdash; in 2014, the annual salary after deduction of bonuses increased by 9% compared to 2013 ($ 50,198) - besides, it's much easier to leave for permanent residence.
An experienced IT specialist will not be able to find a job abroad. Most Ukrainian developers work for foreign companies that have representative offices in our country. The largest players of the market: Ciklum, EPAM, luxsoft and Globallogic - do not have problems with the transfer of the most valuable employees to the main offices.
You can find an employer abroad on your own, just search on popular sites for job search, for example on In most countries, for official registration, the employer must submit documents to the Ministry of Labor stating that your job title was offered to domestic applicants, but they, for some reason, refused in your favor.
To interest a foreign employer, it's not enough just to be a good guy. You need to have an impressive work experience in your field, speak fluently in English and have positive recommendations from previous jobs. If there are none, you should take care of this in advance. The main condition for emigration & ndash; a work visa, the basis for obtaining which serves as JOB OFFER - a document confirming that this specialist is waiting in a particular organization.
In the contract between you and the employer, the following should be formulated:
Type and nature of the work; Working and living conditions; The amount of wages and terms of payment; Rights and obligations of the parties; Obligations of the employer to provide housing, insurance and necessary social guarantees.
Those who do not have a proper education, or work experience, can find a place in the sphere of services, construction or agriculture. However, many of these vacancies require the knowledge of English at a conversational level. This is the most minimal and, by the way, the main condition for getting work abroad.
Who needs and how much they pay.
Work as a guide, animator. The main countries that offer this kind of work: Egypt, Italy, Turkey, Spain, Tunisia. The working day, as a rule, is not standardized, and it will take at least six days to work. The administrator or the guide should speak English fluently. A great advantage will be the knowledge of French, German, Italian. The salary is 500-800 dollars a month.
Work Aupair. This is working as a home helper: a nanny, a housekeeper, an nurse. This type of employment is particularly popular in Germany, the United States, Britain, Canada. Aupair in special honor among the Ukrainian students. Participants of the Aupair do not pay for accommodation and meals: the employer pays these expenses for himself, from minuses - non-standard working day and one day off per week. Payment of such labor in different countries differs significantly ($ 700- $ 3000 dollars per month). It is possible to find the family independently and to learn more about the conditions by reference.
Work in the service sector. Jobs dishwashers, carers, hoteliers, waiters, office cleaners, relevant for the same countries as the work of the Aupair. Terms & conditions & ndash; similar, but the salary is somewhat lower (700-1,5 thousand dollars a month).
Jobs abroad truck drivers. Work is in demand in many European countries. But before you start, you need to pass a two-month internship. Of the conditions - spoken English and the right of the category "E". You can earn from $ 1.4 thousand to $ 2 thousand dollars a month.
Seasonal work on farms. Another type of work that is popular among students. For the collection of flowers, strawberries, vegetables on farms in Denmark, England, Poland, Sweden, they pay $ 600- $ 1000 per month. The main requirement is knowledge of English at a conversational level. Work will have six days a week and 10-12 hours a day.
Work and Travell. A well-known program for students who want to see the world and earn extra money. The program is valid during the summer holidays & ndash; 3-4 months. The salary level depends on your place of work, and the last & ndash; from the degree of proficiency in English (not lower Intermediate). To become a participant, you must be a full-time student at the university. Work will have to in the service sector. You can earn from $ 400 - $ 1000 per month. You can read the vacancies on the link.
Vacancies of medical workers. The UK is experiencing an acute shortage in medical workers. Such work is considered very prestigious and, accordingly, is adequately paid. A qualified nurse earns $ 1000 per month, and a doctor - about $ 6-12 thousand dollars. Often, the host party provides housing and a company car. One of the pleasant bonuses is a one-time flight home, which is provided at the employer's expense.
How do agencies work.
Suppose that your experience and skills correspond to the vacancies declared in the agency. In this case, you fill out the resume that the agency sends to the employer. In case of a positive response, the applicant and the agency conclude an agreement on assistance in the migration process. As part of these arrangements, the agency is committed to assist you with documents and advice on issues related to working abroad.
While you collect documents for applying for a visa, your future employer must obtain a work permit from the Ministry. This process usually takes three months. When all documents are collected, you can apply for a visa.
Decent agencies take the bulk of the amount only if you get a work visa. The amount can be split in two: one is paid directly to the agency before departure, and the second you will have to transfer from the first salary. Prices for each agency are set individually. If to generalize, then finding a job abroad will help you for $ 3500 - $ 8000.
The firm that offers the services of an intermediary must draw up an individual contract, officially certified by a foreign partner organization, and that meets all international laws, as well as agreements between your countries.
The draft contract necessarily indicates:
Type of proposed work; Its character (constant, temporary, etc.); Working conditions; The amount and terms of payment; Insurance and social protection; Requirements for the professional qualities of the applicant; Contract time.
What to look for before signing an agreement with the agency.
When choosing an agency should be extremely careful. Many companies are engaged in employment abroad, without the permission of the ministry. Such "recruiters" are ready to promise to the competitor all the treasures of the world, but, often, it turns out exactly the opposite: a person remains in another country without money, work and any social or legal guarantees. To avoid such curiosities it is necessary to deal only with trusted agencies. Before signing an agreement with the agency, we recommend that you pay attention to the following points:
First of all, the agency should check the following documents:
License of the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy of Ukraine for mediation in employment abroad. To check its authenticity and validity period, it is enough to go to the official website of the department.
Contract with a foreign partner in the country where you intend to get a job, notarized and legalized in the Ukrainian diplomatic representation;
Certified and legalized license for employment abroad or mediation granted to a foreign employer in his country;
Draft employment agreement, confirmed by the employer, which must be drawn up in accordance with international standards and contain all necessary information;
Check the correctness of the labor agreement.
Carefully study the contents of the employment agreement. It must be translated into Russian and notarized.
Register with the diplomatic mission of Ukraine.
If you come to the country for a period of 90 days or more, you need to register with the embassy or consulate of Ukraine. This procedure is free of charge and can help you in case of unforeseen situations.
Black list of agencies & ndash; leaders by the number of negative reviews can be found on the site
Taxes, length of service, pension.
According to the Law on Personal Income Tax, you are obliged to pay 15% of your income to the state, regardless of whether you work in the territory of Ukraine or outside it. The situation extends to those who, while remaining in Ukraine, receive passive income abroad.
On a pension it is necessary to count only in case of legal employment. As in Ukraine, an agreement with a foreign employer and work experience abroad must be registered in the work book. At the moment, Ukraine has three types of pensions for those working abroad:
On the basis of concluded international agreements for persons working for hire; Individuals & ndash; entrepreneurs who have a business abroad; Voluntary pension provision.
To leave in search of a better life abroad or not? a private matter everyone. But, it is important to understand that if you want to build a career abroad, you will have to try hard. On the other hand, we live in an interesting time. Thanks to technology, our capabilities are so great that it seems nothing is impossible. If you are purposeful, open to everything new, ready to learn and develop, then labor emigration can become for you that starting point, which will fully reveal all your potential, both professional and personal.
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