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7 reasons to quit everything and go live in Florida.

7 reasons to quit everything and go live in Florida.
The sun shines all year round, the water is warm, the biting is good and the raccoon is fooling around: it's all about Florida! Details - in our today's material.
It's always sunny here!
The sun shines almost all year round. And in the distant 60's there was not one cloudy day for 768 days! In Florida, only two seasons - one, when it rains, the second - when not. But it's never cold, even the rain is warm and short. You can forget about jackets, sweaters and warm pantyhose. True, local people like to wear boots in the winter, but this is just a trend of fashion. And the air here is filled with aromas of flowers, herbs and spices.
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Rest all year round.
Millions dream to spend their holidays in an exotic paradise, but the dream remains a dream. Many find time and money, pack their bags, spend hours in queues at airports, and get to the coveted corners in order to return within 10-15 days ... And the smartest simply move to Florida.
Imagine endless beaches with snow-white sand, fine, like friable fine powder, green fluffy palms bent over the water itself, warm gentle waves, gently running to the shore. And all this is literally at your side - ten minutes from home or five minutes from work. Lunch can be arranged on the beach, most importantly - do not forget to return to the office.
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My Beast!
As soon as you left the apartment, as many fauna representatives are already waiting for you.
The simplest ones are cheeky raccoons, who like to rummage in garbage cans, but do not disdain and take off the rug lying under the door.
Sometimes in the courtyard you can be met by an alligator, peacefully dormant on the shore of a picturesque lake. It only seems that he is asleep - it is worth to come closer, how the eyelid will rise and the tiny eye will look at you with an appreciative look ... If you are not a small dog, you should not worry: for food you are definitely not similar and the eye will soon close. Of course, we do not advise you.
Turtles just run across the road: it's hard to believe that they can run so fast if you do not see it with your own eyes. Hundreds of the most diverse birds become an ordinary part of the landscape, which you do not pay much attention to. In the parks you can meet a strange creature - battleship, the favorite position of which is to bury your nose in the ground in search of something edible.
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A paradise for anglers.
There are no such fish restaurants anywhere - especially those where you can order freshly caught fish. In numerous rivers and lakes you can catch carp, catfish, eels, and extreme lovers can hunt even for piranhas.
Land of flowers.
When the Spanish navigator Ponce de Leon, a great friend of Christopher Columbus, reached the coast of Florida, he saw such a variety of colors that he called the entire continent "La Florida" - "flower land." Indeed, in Florida, it is enough to stick a stick into the ground - and it will blossom, local people joke. Forget about the botanical gardens, where under a small dome of the greenhouse are collected exotic plants, which need to be taken care of and taken care of. Here they as weeds grow simply under a fence and ruthlessly break out by the gardener. Orchids, like flocks of butterflies, flutter in the wind, Spanish moss hanging long beards from almost all branches and trunks. Sometimes it is difficult to determine where one plant ends and another begins.
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Fountain of youth.
Mark Twain once noted that "life would be infinitely happy if we could only be born at the age of 80 and gradually approach 18". It is said that Alexander the Great, who conquered much of the known world, before he died around 323 BC, was looking for a river that would restore his youth. We do not need the whole world - the Fountain of Youth is in Florida, in St. Augustine, the oldest city in the United States. At the very place where in 1513 he was discovered by the indefatigable Pons de Leon.
By the way, it was this source that Jack Sparrow and his friends were looking for in the movie "Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides."
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An endless celebration of life.
It is difficult even to list all the amusement parks in Florida, and to visit everything and ride all the attractions, there may not be enough life. The Fountain of Youth is able to help (see paragraph 6). The most famous park is the "Disney World" (Disney World�). Here you can take part in the battles of the Pirates of the Caribbean, fly to space, greet all American presidents, swing with Peter Pan over London or Harry Potter over Hogwarts.
One of the busiest parks is Busch Gardens, where you can go on a safari, kiss a giraffe and see a lot of exotic African animals, without taking a break from a bottle of free beer.
Of the not so well-known it is worth mentioning the Mermaid Park Weeki Wachee Springs. If you are sure that mermaids are the fruit of the imagination of lonely sailors or the hero of the film "Peculiarities of National Fishing", think again and visit the park! Weeki Wachee is more than just a sign on the road map: it's an enchanted underwater world of mermaids, manatees, turtles and bubbles.
Well, that you decided to move to Florida and already pack your bags?
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