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100 facts about life in Australia.

100 facts about life in Australia.
In Australia, the cult was built larrikinizm (from the English larrikin) & ndash; a popular Australian tradition of disrespect and mockery of authorities, disregard for rigid norms of morality and behavior. Part of this tradition is also self-irony and self-deprecating ridicule. The defining trait of larcikin & ndash; it is a person's independence from the opinions of others, a sense of freedom from social pressure, the ability to easily change one's behavior regardless of the aspirations of the majority and the lack of significant efforts to meet social norms. The Larikins do not worry about any authorities and authorities, and they do not take their power and position in society seriously, regardless of the position they occupy.
- Kindergartens here are crap, it's still bad that they are inadequately expensive.
- Schools are so scary to even think, rabble from around the world in one class under the guidance of a Chinese teacher.
- Higher education - the enemy does not wish, Nepalese-Pakistanis 90%, and even more expensive than in the US!
- Medicine with dentistry is such that it's easier to fly home than to sit in the ED waiting for the doctor. Another account will please.
- Houses that are more like a refuge of 3 piglets, and others standing on 2 meter piles on houses after a nuclear explosion.
- There is no public transport by definition & ndash; and where he is he walks once in half an hour.
- Even people in the streets do not exist after 5 pm! It gets dark by day and shines at night. At 6 am already all the rod to work.
- Winter here in summer, and summer in winter - it's not like people & hellip; and there is no heating in winter, so this is even worse than in winter in Raschke.
- There is fishing, but the fish is not tasty, although healthy. Probably because the predatory is mostly.
- Very much a style of life is close to a village one, hence the mentality is naughty such (or only it seems to me so);
- To the landladies for a note - a normal washing powder of the type Persil or Ariel is absent here. The quality of the local powder is like that of our SMS of the 80s.
"It's getting dark early." In addition to the village style, this is a double blow. From this constantly want to sleep & hellip;
- The shops. we have not even worked under the Soviet Union - they are already closing at 4-5.
- The apartments here are all awful, shabby, ugly, not that in Russia. Style communal in the design.
- There is salt water flowing from the tap, and hot water should be passed for 2 minutes while it's warm.
- Products are expensive! Even by world standards it is very expensive, but in the market of the deshego - but rot, with the local heat rotting that did not have time to rot in the market for a day!
- Unhealthy food, 99% of products with preservatives (even in bread are put) and thus all very expensive and small choice, in Europe more assortment.
- At the same time the food here is all unfamiliar and tasteless. Buckwheat disappointed me. So this sucks! Poured out pigeons, and they did not eat. But the lack of black bread, which is used to, not very satisfied.
- Sour cream - filth: fat and no taste. Yes, they are fat and calorie point incorrectly!
- And even today I tried to boil sausages from kangaroos. The smell is sickening, I had to throw out all the packaging, and I did not dare to try it. It's impossible to fry this meat & ndash; outsole is simple.
- With clothes not so deplorable, as frightened, and here with footwear. at least for my taste it is not.
- Drive on the other side is HORRIBLE hard (I already flew on a triangular curb and drove on the opposite lane). The first day of driving was like a comedy, where drunken Englishmen were splitting around at a counter in France, shouting to the oncoming cars "get out, snail" On the third day like nothing. Saves GPS, we go at his direction, like blind kittens.
- I was struck by a huge number of very fat people on the street and small children walking along the streets without shoes (barefoot), apparently the parents (monsters) have so hardened them)))
- Yes, and with linens it seems all is not easy, as well as with winter things. At night, there are frosts, and windows here assume that there is not.
- Kindergartens (we were in 3) are approximately the same, i.e. much better than Bulgarian, but worse than the private Greek, where our son went.
- On account of bed linen, blankets and pillows, I did not regret that I brought my own. Good underwear, like ours - costs from $ 200 a set. We brought 7 sets (our and children's) + blankets, pillows. If you have good quality underwear, then carry it. If not - then you can buy here inexpensively, but the quality is below average.
- You will laugh, but my friend asked her husband to send her favorite winter boots. Has sent. Wears without taking off!
"And in Sydney, when we arrived there for a month, there was such a dreary feeling of loneliness. Especially it was aggravated by the presence of a huge number of Asians. there was an impression that I came to China to move!
- I've got a friend here with a baby walking around the neighborhood, bam & ndash; The bottle flies out from behind a stone fence and smashes to pieces close to them. Came all puzzled. I did not expect such escapades from the Australian public.
- Sharyu is now an apartment with French students. I look at them and I think: is it really worse in Paris, that it was necessary to cross the devil knows where, into the dub, into the streets full of Chinese, in a new situation?
- Why is Australia so beautiful that people dream of dumping? While unfortunately I can not find the answer & hellip; Stupidly I walk the streets of Sydney CBD and I think: and I was not sitting in Khabarovsk? I do not even know whether to return? I warm my hands on the heater. This is such a fucking summer (July)
"I'll see how happy you are when the possums get into the attic." You do not have the right to improvise them by law. It is necessary to call a special brigade, and this is not cheap.
- Adelaide is dirtier than Melbourne (ie, even more dirty.), Less neat, the water is chlorinated, like a scoop, a provincial hole in one word. Any town in Victoria (the same Ballarat) will give odds to Ada.
- I do not like that in Australia, the defensive duties on imported cars, leads the thought that in Raschka it was not so stupid & hellip;
- From December to February, do not breathe. Crowds, everywhere, especially on yarn. And flies, contagion, insolent, constantly climb into the face. Well flies, okay, they do not die of anything & ndash; but from jellyfish 11 people died.
- About drugs, generally stupor. It's scary to go without them. There you can not buy anything without a prescription, and even pay a lot of money for this recipe. Which exit? Antiviral in general is sparse. Here, perhaps, is free only acyclovir-zovirax against herpes.
- In general, local medicine is unique. I would not credit her with a life expectancy. Here, medicine is such that people die from snot, but in case of a heart attack you will have a heart transplant and will live a long time before.
- Yes, about a free specialist is a bust some. If you can get to the hospital - good. But more often it is necessary to go to the community hospital and pay. I personally paid from 80 to 250.
"Like with hammers / pliers and other similar utensils?" Chinese is extremely, cheap, but stsuko, one-time. Maximum by 2 - 3 times. The most expensive frying pans here are cast iron (for example, a large cast iron wok can cost $ 90 to $ 150). In St. Petersburg (Metro store), I bought this for 2200 rubles. If it is possible to grab a set of good spanners, then take it, too. The keys here (precisely from high-quality steel) cost money, as I already wrote from $ 150 and above.
- There is an opinion that men's swimming trunks on the beach in Adelaide are better to wear in the form of shorts. Narrow European can sometimes be regarded as a sign of a different sexual orientation))
- At home - it is a matchbox for which you will pay for the rest of your life.
- The sun is evil, 50% of the population have cancer of this or that stage! Really, many have skin problems and this is evident.
- The Australians are funny talking with their mockery. Some of the province accent hellish, do not disassemble sho wants.
- The winter in Melbourne is cold, you will not want the enemy. If you live without fur coats and heating, they say, it's colder than in Siberia.
- Fish and seafood are a luxury for the rich.
- Sour-milk products are not available as a class.
- Praised Australian wine - a rare sour. Drink New Zealand, it is better quality even here.
- For the same money in Canada, you can buy incomparably better housing much closer to the city. Not to mention the presence of isolation in homes.
- It's not true that Australia is big: life is concentrated in a few places, there are crowded, traffic jams and expensive land. A little more England, and maybe less.
- It's not true that there is a sea in Australia. The ocean is cold, the resorts are expensive. The sea is much larger in Europe and the US, not to mention Israel.
"It's not true that Australia has the advantages of the" margins ". The land and everything in general is expensive, there is no special moral climate or lifesteal here. That is, better than Belarus or Honduras, but the natural advantages that you expect to see on a huge continent inhabited by Anglo-Saxons are not here.

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