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10 Russian stars who preferred life abroad.

10 Russian stars who preferred life abroad.
Among the huge continuous flow of immigrants from Russia, there are also well-known personalities who for a long time conquered the stage of their native country. Some of them, after moving to other countries, continue their creative activity, others prefer to rest on their laurels, while others have completely changed their line of business.
1. Lena Katina.
Ex-member of the group "Tatu" did not abandon her vocal career when moving to the States. Katina even comes to her native Russia on tour, although her popularity after the move has significantly decreased. Moving to Los Angeles was marked for Lena a happy event - it was in America that the girl met her future husband, from whom she recently gave birth to her son.
2. Sasha Zvereva.
The soloist of the popular group "Demo" already at the age of 17 felt a taste of fame. But for some reason the girl broke the contract and went to live in Los Angeles. In the US, Sasha Zvereva tried herself in various hypostases & # 8212; became the owner of the fashionable brand SZ, designer, teacher of the course for moms, wife and mother of three children. The hobby for music became for Sasha a hobby, but even within the limits of simple enthusiasm Zvereva has let out six studio albums. Also Sasha successfully conducts his blog.
3. Alexey Serebryakov.
Serebryakov comments on his move to Canada as follows: "He ran away to the place where the human mind, work and are not pushed by elbows!" The actor did not stop his activities in Russia, but comes here solely on a working visa. About Russia and its inhabitants, Alexei has an extremely negative opinion, so Serebryakov decided to escape from slavish ideology and protect his children from evil ignorant Russians.
4. Ilya Lagutenko.
The soloist of the group "Mumiy Troll" together with his family lives in Los Angeles. America chose Ilia for the reason that there are many more opportunities to realize a creative person and simply make interesting acquaintances. Clever cultural Americans, a comfortable life by the ocean and a civilized society - this choice Lagutenko has done to date.
The exotic star of the Russian stage is at present fully satisfied with her life in London with her beloved husband. Alsu does not remember Russia very much about Russia, and he does not intend to move there.
6. Ingeborga Dapkunaite.
The actress also settled in London. But shooting in Russia has not stopped and continues to act in the homeland.
7. Leonid Agutin and Angelica Varum.
Star (and family) tandem Agutin-Varum live in sunny Miami. True, they did not seem to have a single apartment - at the disposal of a couple of three Miami apartments. Leonid and Angelica are so firmly entrenched in the States that their daughter Liza in Russian speaks very little.
8. Valery Leontiev.
Russian Casanova also does not mind to luxuriate in the sun in hot Florida. Two-story cottage in Miami has replaced the artist Russian apartments.
9. Julia Nachalova.
A few years ago, the girl went to Los Angeles to record a new album. And I decided to stay there for several years. Now Nachalov not often happy with his arrival of Russian fans.
10. Christina Orbakaite.
The daughter of Primadonna has lived in two countries for a long time. Her husband lives in America, so most of his time, Orbakaite conducts in the States. It is not excluded that soon the singer will completely move to her home in Florida.
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