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10 lifjhaks for those who plan to leave for the USA, from a blogger from America.

10 lifjhaks for those who plan to leave for the USA, from a blogger from America.
His candid posts about the reasons for moving to America, the Kazakh mentality and a peculiar reaction to the news tapes have long gained popularity among users of Kaznet.
In an interview for 365info, the Kazakh-American blogger Timur Khan shared his experience of moving to another country and told why in America ordinary workers sometimes find work faster than "white-collar workers".
& # 8212; Tell us about yourself: where were you born, in what city did you live and what did you do before you moved?
& # 8212; I was born and grew up in the once greenest megalopolis of Kazakhstan. Almaty. He graduated from the linguistic gymnasium # 15, then entered the faculty of international relations in KazNU. Al-Farabi.
Prior to moving to the United States, he taught students and students English, and also studied French. I love my hometown very much, so I tried to go to the theater on weekends, go skating on Medeu at night, go to the mountains, and just walk along the streets of Almaty. In addition, every summer I went to the USA on a student exchange program, and also was an intern of the AIESEC program, within the framework of which I went to Poland where I taught high school students in Krakow with students from other countries. After the termination of training we with the same children have arranged a eurotruth. These were my best student years. Already after the defense of the diploma I managed to work in state companies.
- When did you move to America? How did you decide to leave?
& # 8212; My stay in the state structures was short-lived. Realizing that social elevators work poorly in their home country, plus the previous experience of traveling to the US, when I could earn up to $ 150 a day by a regular lawnmower, they made it clear that.
on my salary of 75 000 tenge I will not have the opportunity myself "to build a house, raise a son and plant a tree"
For me, time was too expensive to spend it on a job that did not like and did not adequately compensate for my efforts. So I went to the States.
Why there? America is a country of immigrants, where, if desired and perseverance, you can quickly climb the social elevator. Yesterday you were a dishwasher, today you are already an assistant cook, and after a while you can become a chef or the owner of your own restaurant. Or here is an example of a "white collar" - today you are a simple office employee, tomorrow is an assistant accountant, and after that there is a chance to become a seigneur-auditor with a license. All this, of course, with proper education, increased experience in this or that sphere and hard work.
Lentyaev in the US, like everywhere else, do not like. But diligence is appreciated here.
-It it was hard to change the habitual way of life? How did you adapt to the new country?
& # 8212; You know, to say that "straight is hard" - I will not say. But if you say that "everything from the first day was easy" - also a lie.
Of course, it was difficult at the very beginning. I immediately realized that I would have to be re-educated in the US, since our diploma is not recognized there. I enrolled in CUNY, University of New York, on the specialty "Finance".
It was not easy, because literature, lectures & # 8212; everything was in English. AND.
even if I already had an excellent level of language already, it was still not easy.
You know, it's one thing, when you come for a few months and go home, and another thing when you're going deliberately, wanting to settle in another country. But people get used to everything, and to live and study in New York is the dream of millions of people. So I did not sleep at night reading books, moonlighting on a weekend photographer at the Kodak Store in Chinatown, saving on everything to live until next month, I loved this new life and even managed to get acquainted with the girls in Central Park and from somewhere to find money to go to the movies. It was a wonderful period in my life.
- What difficulties did you face, and what was easy?
& # 8212; The hardest thing for me was that they do not eat or sell horse meat and do not find beshbarmak anywhere. Just kidding. Perhaps the only difficulty was - pay off for a semester of training, in time to pay rent a room in Brooklyn, timely surrender all the items and not fall asleep somewhere on the subway on the way home, which sometimes happened. In the rest, I think everything was easy. A special thanks for the support and my parents.
- How do local people treat you?
& # 8212; Positively. I have always found a common language with the local, whether it's the children of rich parents, immigrants from Latin America or guys from the ghetto.
You just have to treat with respect to other cultures and not raise yourself above them.
It also helps to sense a sense of humor and the ability to put a person in place when necessary. I think everyone should take these two qualities for a note.
& # 8212; What are the biggest differences between Kazakhstan and America for you personally?
I think if I start to describe everything to the smallest detail, the time allocated to me will not be enough. But, perhaps, I will note that.
here you feel safer, do not fear the police, you trust her,
here most of the population is honored by the law. And # 8230; this is a hackneyed phrase in social networks, but here people smile more often. Maybe you think it's fake, maybe you prefer gloomy and sullen faces, but it's a fact - they smile more often. Also Americans value work. In the US, the population works more. Here.
only 10 federal holidays, which are officially weekends & 10 days a year, Karl! Forget about Nauryz and New Year.
There is one more difference - in food. Our Kazakh food, well, whatever it is, tastes better ..
-Today among the people of Kazakhstan there are those who dream about the American dream & # 187 ;. What will you advise them? Have your expectations been fulfilled?
& # 8212; Kazakhs have always been nomads, so traveling and trying on a new zhailau is not bad. I do not like giving advice & # 8212; it's an ungrateful thing, and I do not consider myself to be the one who reached such a level to give them away. However, if you give a little farewell, I would say:
Learn English day and night, no matter how well you know it. When you come here, you will still regret that you have not had much time to study. Make yourself a driver's license, if you do not have one.
Go to the dentist, the oculist and all the doctors before leaving. Here, without insurance, this is expensive.
If you are already moving with your family, think a hundred times. It's one thing when you're a 25-year-old student, it's different when you have a wife and a child. Make sure that there is enough savings for the first time. America does not wait with open arms, it's a fact. And yes, never listen to those who tell you that you will not succeed. Only petty and envious people can talk like this. Generous will always believe in you. And the last. Always remember that your behavior is judging our country, so try to behave so that Kazakhstan is perceived positively.
Personally, my expectations were justified. I worked in American companies in different states, gained experience. At the moment I work in e-commerce company as a financial manager in Miami, in parallel I opened my small online business and gradually develop it. I am young, full of strength, I have two diplomas and a good resume. So there are only plans to further conquer the peaks.
& # 8212; Are you going to return to Kazakhstan?
& # 8212; Good question. I came back to see my family, friends, but at the moment my life is already here in the US. I recently got married and have plans to raise the children here. Of course, we'll take them to the azhekas and attackers for the summer. I.
I want my children, in addition to English, to have both Kazakh and Russian.
I think that we will return to Kazakhstan, but later, perhaps also to work for the benefit of the country, introducing the experience of Western corporations. But for this you need to become a top-class specialist. Go back there now, leaving the US all halfway, it will be unreasonable. If you really go home, then as they say, it's better "with a shield, and not on a shield and in silver."
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