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& laquo; WorkandTravel & raquo; & mdash; work and travel. What does this promising name mean? Many have heard about this cultural exchange program, but they do not know much. And how is this possible & mdash; work and travel? America, you say? Is it possible to get there? And you can live there? And work? And in New York to visit, and on the beach in Philadelphia lie around? And if you work, then a dish washer or scavenger?
The answers to all these and other questions about what the program is, we offer to you in an interview, as it is called, "first-hand, & raquo ;.
Ekaterina Sharova, a 4th-year student of journalism at St. Petersburg State University, spent the summer in Atlantic City, relaxing and working as a barista at a local cafe and having an opportunity to see America in all its diversity on the weekend. She revealed to us the kitchen of a popular cultural exchange program, from the moment the idea arose to participate before returning to Russia with a bunch of impressions and gifts from the New World.
& mdash; Have you participated before in any other programs?
Then you are invited to an interview with a sponsor: the company must make sure that you do not get lost in America; they ask you questions, talk about what difficulties can arise & mdash; and all this in English. The sponsor guarantees to the employer that you are a conscientious employee. Many are interviewed with a sponsor's representative in the agency, others & minus; via Skype. When the sponsor approved you, you wait until he sends you a 'Joboffer & raquo; (for independent search of work this form comes from the employer by e-mail).
Once you get permission, fill out for the employer a rather funny questionnaire with questions about whether you use drugs, travel often, etc. The agency checks it, then sends it to the consulate, and after that you are assigned an interview at the consulate & mdash; At me it passed in the end of April, in the same place in addition you pay the visa & mdash; about 5 thousand rubles.
& mdash; Can you give me some more recommendations?
& mdash; No, not everything. Money for a visa and a down payment & mdash; 8 thousand min. Do not return, but the rest & mdash; Yes.
Basically we offer work in a cafe & mdash; waiter, barista, you can even work as a cook, without the proper education: in order to make sandwiches and French fries, many skills are not needed; can work as a housekeeper & mdash; to clean houses.
& mdash; What does the waiter earn, enough for a living there?
In general, you can earn much more than I got: in our cafe there was not as a tip, there was a bank at the checkout. And if you work where you get a tip (Americans, by the way, always leave them, and this is 15-20% of the bill), then the income is understandably good. In addition, this is Atlantic City & minus; mini Vegas, where people come with money. Over the summer I earned a tip for $ 200.
The guy we worked with earned $ 1,500 in two weeks, and he worked, of course, three times as much. Iphone 5, for example, costs $ 700. You can buy a used car for 2000 dollars. There all is not so expensive and the money goes much easier than here. You will not save your whole life on a class car.
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