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�11 – Poland. Warsaw: Deportation?

�11 - Poland. Warsaw: Deportation?
The authors talk about why you can not be deported from Poland.
& mdash; (Andrew) Hello everyone!
How quickly do schoolchildren learn Polish and adapt in a new country?
& mdash; (Author) You are on the channel "Everything is smooth in Poland". And today we have a burning issue.
& mdash; (Andrew) The theme of deportation.
& mdash; (Author) Yes. We have recently begun to ask questions - and if so, but if it's a shack, what if it's suddenly, but what if it's a shyak? In general, we decided to shoot the video, once and for all.
& mdash; (Andrew) So, about the deportation. Nobody will be deported.
& mdash; (Author) Yes, this is the first.
& mdash; (Author) There are the most important two horror stories. This is deportation if you did not find a job for 14 days after arrival.
& mdash; (Andrew) And the second horror story: if you arrived and did not re-record for 4 days. All these are horrors. And let them stay there.
& mdash; (Author) If someone had cases with friends, with grandparents, with grandmothers, aunts, brothers, sisters, someone like that something happened, then there was another reason for that. It can not just be. You can not walk down the street with Umowa o Prace and say: "I'm at work, I'm at work". This can not be, people. Everything is much simpler. You have a visa.
& mdash; (Andrew) Yes. You have a visa, and if you do not violate the law, no one will be deported. So you can calm down, and live peacefully on your own. Search for a job, look for an apartment, and then already - to be confused or find you in a day job or apartment the same ...
& mdash; (Author) You can just live here for six months, sipping juice on your balcony. And just spending money if you have one. It is your right.
& mdash; (Andrew) And do not work, and do not overlook.
& mdash; (Author) And just after the visa expires, go back to Ukraine. But is it worth it. We hope that we have dispelled your doubts, your fears.
& mdash; (Andrew) Thank you for being with us! Subscribe to our channel, put us a lot of likes.
& mdash; (Author) That's it. We will be with you, and you will be with us. Everything will be smooth!
& mdash; (Andrew) Everything will be smooth!
Poland & mdash; a wonderful country for life. This is one of the countries of the European Union, where it is easiest to emigrate.
- Programmers, designers, photographers and other creative professions who work for themselves have a unique opportunity to obtain a residence permit in Poland for 3 years and pay minimum taxes.
- Adults can get a new specialty (cook, hairdresser, make-up artist, masseur, etc.) in free polycheal schools. That will give an opportunity to work in Poland in the future.
- People with an entrepreneurial vein can go to Poland through business immigration.
- If you have Polish roots (say thanks to your grandparents), then the Pole's card is waiting for you. In addition to financial assistance in the amount of 1400 euros, you can receive a Polish passport in a year.
In addition to providing emigration services, we will help you to rent an apartment in Warsaw, Krakow, Wroclaw, etc. One option for investment & mdash; Purchase of real estate in Poland for the subsequent delivery through the management company.
Write to us if you want to immigrate to Poland.
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