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��� vs PERMANENT RESIDENCE of Bulgaria: opinion of MC “Window to Bulgaria”

��� vs PERMANENT RESIDENCE of Bulgaria: opinion of MC "Window to Bulgaria"
For several years the Bulgarian government "kept the citadel" - it collected a total and quite tangible amount of 1,000 lv. (500 euros) for the opportunity to obtain an alien status of Long-term (DV) and Permanent Residence (permanent residence) in the country. And kept, despite the violation of the relevant EU directives, which ordered to take for DVV the amount of almost 10 times less than the amount of $ 8211; 110 levs. And only after receiving an official notification from the EU that the Bulgarian authorities will be punished for failure to comply with the requirements of the higher leadership, the "citadel" fell.
On March 15, 2017, the Council of Ministers of Bulgaria made an appropriate decision for the joy of many foreigners permanently residing in the country. Resolution No. 51 was registered on March 16, 2017, and the date of its entry into force should be the day of publication in the Journal of Arbitration. It was published on March 21, 2017 in No. 24 (you can download it), but there is no change in the price list on the website of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Nevertheless, for foreigners who have a five-year stay in Bulgaria, it's high time to decide which option to choose - more budgetary FAR or still permanent residence. The Migration Center "Window to Bulgaria" decided to understand the pros and cons of both statuses.
DVZh comes from the EU.
The status of long-term stay (long-term stay or long-term residence) is the status of residence not so much in Bulgaria as in the country of the European Union. That is, foreigners residing in other EU states receive the same status. As regards the procedure for granting the DVR, the rights and obligations of its holder is governed by the relevant directive 2003/09 / EC of 25 November 2003. Possibilities of the owner of a plastic card of a pan-European status living in Bulgaria differ little from those of a Bulgarian citizen. He can also get a job, on the same conditions use the services of medical, educational and other institutions. Before citizenship can not vote at the elections and get a job at the civil service.
At the same time, despite the pan-European level of the status of the DVR, the possibilities of a person who obtained it in Bulgaria are limited to the territory of that state. In other words, in order to live and work in another EU country, it will be necessary to replace its Bulgarian long-term residence card with a map of the state where its owner plans to live. Such a mechanism exists, but it is better to specify its details in the migration bodies of the country in question. Do not try to move to the UK, Ireland and Denmark, because there are their own rules, different from all-European. Yes, and unfortunately, the possession of the Bulgarian DVB does not entitle a citizen of a third country to freely move around the Schengen area.
To become a candidate for DWR in Bulgaria it is necessary to live five years in the country, without leaving it for this period of time for more than 10 months. Also one can not leave for a period exceeding 6 months. Five years later, the status of the DVR will have to be renewed or it will have to qualify for citizenship. In both cases, this can be done with the help of experts from the "Window to Bulgaria" MC. The list of documents for obtaining the DVZ does not differ from that which is submitted for residence permit or permanent residence. The main difference is the cost - 110 levs. or 1000 BGN, which will be requested for permanent residence.
Permanent residence as a national invention.
The status of permanent residence (permanent residence) in the Republic of Bulgaria is exclusively a national treasure, and therefore to indicate to the Bulgarian government how much it should cost no one can. Therefore, the current price of 1000 BGN (500 EUR) from the applicant, so far remains unchanged. The holder of the status of permanent residence receives in Bulgaria all of the above rights of the owner of the card. At the same time, for many, one of the decisive differences between permanent residence and DWR will be the time required to stay in the country for the past five years. For the status of permanent residence, with the help of specialists of the Migration Center "Window to Bulgaria", it is much longer - up to 30 months.
More detailed conditions and terms for obtaining the status of the DVR and permanent residence in Bulgaria are described in our article here.
If in the last five years you have not left Bulgaria for more than 10 months in the status of residence permit, then it makes sense to get DVZh. Soon it will become much cheaper in practice, plus it gives certain additional opportunities for changing the country, if such a desire arises. If you were absent longer, then the choice is not great - permanent residence. If you have any questions, you will be happy to answer in the "Window to Bulgaria" MC in any convenient way for you.
MC "Window to Bulgaria"
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